Sunday 29th November 2020,
USC Lion Volleyball Club


Registration and Membership

This season USC Lion Volleyball Club Inc has introduced online membership options. Visit the USC Shop Membership Store to complete player registration, and ability to pay membership fees via Credit Card (please note that Stripe Credit Card facility fees of $0.30 plus 1.75% will be included in payment amount).

2020 Junior Winter Registration and Selection

The USC Lion Volleyball Club Junior Coordinators will co-ordinate and oversee this year’s 4 week Junior Winter Registration and Selection process.

Note, there will not be a requirement to attend all 4 weeks of the trial process as detailed below and split into separate age groups.

Assistance on selection will be provided by members of the Club Committee and Junior Sub-Committee.

Please visit the Contact page for information on how to reach our Junior Coordinators.

USC Lion Volleyball Club welcomes early communication from all players/parents on athlete goals and aspirations.

USC Lion Volleyball Club aspires to promote an enjoyable and inclusive participation environment for all junior athletes, providing opportunities for elite, developing and entry level player ability, managed by a dedicated coaching team, and supported by the invaluable input and assistance from Junior Parents in both coaching and team management capacities.

Please visit this link to Register for Trials and to Complete the payment via Credit Card

Proposed 2020 Junior Trial Schedule

Week 1

Tuesday 25 February 2020

U15 & U17 Boys – 1700-1830

U19 Boys – 1830-2000

Week 2

Tuesday 03 Mar 2020

U15 & U17 Boys – 1700-1830

U19 Boys – 1830-2000

Thursday 05 Mar 2020

U15 & U17 Girls – 1700-1830

U19 Girls – 1830-2000

Week 3

Thursday 12 Mar 2020

U15 & U17 Girls – 1700-1830

U19 Girls – 1830-2000

Week 4 

Thursday 19 Mar 2020

U15 & U17 Girls – 1700-1830

U19 Girls – 1830-2000

* The Junior Coordinators aim to finalise teams promptly. To maximise junior athlete selection opportunities attendance  across the 4 weeks for the respective age group per timetable above is optimal.


Uniforms and other merchandise are also now available to order online via the USC Shop Merchandise Store. For sizing and further information, please contact the Junior Coordinators. As The Club has moved away from existing provider to a new kit for 2019 from supplier Kukri, all existing Junior players will need to urgently place their order prior to 1700 on 07 February 2020, to ensure that the orders are manufactured and delivered in time for the season start date of 01 May 2020. Note, manufacture and delivery is dependent on Chinese New Year, which sees the unfortunate need to order and purchase by 07 February 2020 to avoid any disappointment.

Kukri sizing guides are very accurate, so garments can be purchased with confidence based on the sizing guides provided.

The minimum kit requirements for Junior players is 1 x Home Playing Top, and 1 x Playing Shorts. Note that player number can be added at time of order when placing items into cart. Further note, that the playing kit is exactly the same for both Seniors and Juniors, with only the Junior Womens Shorts differing from the Senior Womens shorts. The aim of this is to ensure that players will have longevity in their garment, and can be used for future seasons and transition into Senior volleyball.

All other items such as Track top, Hoody, Warm-up Jersey, and Rugby Jumper are optional items. Again sizing on those items in line and consistent with the playing kit.

Playing kit can be ordered via the following link:

USC Lion Policy